About Andie

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What I do

Simply, I bring things to life online. I help translate your requirements into products and assets fit for digital environments. I have a crew of independent specialists (writers, designers, developers, researchers), but can also work with client resources - and if required find the right resources to get the best our of a project.

Availability & Engagement

I work with clients on a freelance and consulting basis and can offer retainer, casual and freelance terms.

Brands I've Worked On

I have worked on campaigns, launches, products and websites for leading brands such as GM, Ford, Qantas, Toyota, AFL, NRL, Coca-Cola, Disney Pixar, NAB, Telstra, Commbank, CPA, Village Roadshow, Commonwealth Games, Bakers Delight, Pethomestay, Seek.com.au - just to name a few.

My background

When my career started, the Blackberry was considered cutting edge and only ANZ had mobile banking working. I've been developing skills by working in various aspects of the digital industry ever since. Over the past 10 or so years, I have worked in local and international corporate environments and agencies, as well as from my home studio. I've managed small and large budgets, led multidisciplinary teams, as well as consulted as a subject matter expert in digital. I have worked in IT teams, creative teams, media teams, production teams and secret teams. I have also helped new business owners bring their hard work to life online.

I am a strategic and visionary thinker. I am at my best when assisting others translate ideas into visual and written form that 'touches' the intended user. My technical skills, both in development and design, mean that I am also well grounded in the practical aspects of rolling out new ideas.

I also strongly believe in exploring and understanding audiences from non-digital and digital perspectives. More and more, I work towards creating fluid experiences for both online and offline environments for audience that exist in both worlds.

I get a real buzz out of what I do.